Pleased to broadcast that I have completed my PhD at University of Glasgow!

My thesis title was “Compiler-centric Across-stack Deep Learning Acceleration”. In plain English, this means that neural networks (aka “AI”) are expensive, and to make them scale, we need to collaborate across machine learning, software, and hardware domains. My opinion is that compilers will be an increasingly important piece of this co-design challenge.

Many thanks to Dr José Cano Reyes for his tireless mentorship and support, which has helped shape me into the researcher and engineer I am today, even through a global pandemic. We logged over 470 hours of one-on-one meetings — I challenge you to find someone more dedicated to his students.

Additional thanks go out to my friends and colleagues at gicLAB, University of Glasgow, and beyond. Not to mention my ever supportive family, pals, lovers, and enemies.

Interested in advancing deep learning acceleration or compilers? Let’s connect!

Dr. P, signing off. 🫡✌️