In this post, I am pleased to announce that I have received a certificate for completing the Google Project Management course, comprised of six modules over six months. Although I have gained significant experienced in managing projects during my time at gicLAB, as well as my other professional endeavours, I felt that re-familiarising myself with the terminology and best practices of the field would serve me well. You can find my certificate of completion here.

Outcomes: I was able to apply these skills for developing grant proposals during my time at gicLAB.

  • I was instrumental in developing gicLAB’s contribution to the dAIedge consortium application to the EU, which was awarded over 14 million euros. I applied techniques from the course to ensure that our planned contributions were achievable and well document.
  • I elected to not continue with a post-doc with gicLAB, and thus had to plan out the project in more detail for a new start. This required me translating a lot of my institutional and project knowledge into additional documentation to help them. For example, a stakeholder management plan, and a more detailed task breakdown.